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Blinc Cosmetics

Blinc has been my go to mascara for over twenty years this company only make s mascara’s and have expanded to the best eyeliner and brow mousse.


It has been all about the eyes 👀 for this company forever!

The eye products are super easy to use smudge proof and the mascara TUBES your lashes never any smudging.

Upon removal it just slides off your lashes without any damage to your lashes at all. Ideal for teary sensitive eyes and oily skin and will slide off with just water and pressure, if only mascara is used. ( other products will require eye makeup remover)

There is a great primer for extra nourishment made with only peptides and vitamins to be applied before your mascara and also at night while you sleep.

A black primer... something I never knew about makes your lashes extra dark, this goes on before your mascara . It’s a black primer and with the mascara over top will make the lashes very dark and thick looking.

Eyebrow Mousse

Create a perfect, natural, face-framing brow that cannot fade, run, or smudge, even through sweat, oily skin & harsh weather. The tapered brush paired with an extended, ergonomic handle will give you a precise, effortless & mess-free application. Remove with any gentle makeup remover.

Eyebrow Pencil

Frame, structure, and enhance your eyebrows with this multifunctional conditioning pencil. Blinc's eyebrow pencil with brush expertly shapes brows while the precision tip provides ultimate control for filling and defining. This light yet pigment-packed, blendable formula will compliment any hair color or skin tone, while delivering smudgeproof all-day hold. Formula is Vegan & Cruelty Free.

For those of us who are high maintenance we would definitely use all three:

Conditioning primer

Black primer


What else is amazing is a eyelash curler that heats your lashes.

It does not damage lashes with excessive heat or pressure like traditional curlers.

Heat locks in curl for all day hold

Can be used before or after mascara and throughout the day.

New product.

Volume mascara.

With BLINC whether you are crying tears of joy or on a sixteen hour plane ride your mascara will look as perfect as when you first applied it.

Mascara is made in the US

That’s why Blinc has decided to be part of the solution and not the problem with our Conscious Cosmetics initiative. we’re embarking on a journey of promoting responsible, ethical and sustainable beauty industry-wide.

Our commitment to creating the highest-quality cosmetics for our customers means we’ll be finding the safest and, smartest solutions to deliver real social and environmental change while maintaining Blinc’s high-quality standards.

There is no perfect path to sustainable beauty, but we’re committed to finding a balance that allows us to make outstanding products that are kinder to the world around us. This means:

This means:

Ethical human labor - Ethical treatment of animals - Ethical sourcing - Carbon footprint CLEAN Formulas - Sustainable packaging - Made In The USA - Giving Back

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