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Glowing and Protected: Ethical Beauty Benefits of TIZO Mineral Sunscreen

In the skincare realm, minerals pack a powerful punch! Even in small percentages, they provide mighty skincare benefits! Minerals enhance your skin’s ability to intensify cellular health and regeneration, reduce and accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and rid skin of toxins.

Some minerals are like powered-up batteries that help transfer nutrients across cell membranes. They reassemble amino acids from damaged proteins and recycle them into your skin’s essential proteins like collagen and elastin. The result? Sagging, aging skin transforms into firmer, more elastic skin. Minerals defend against microbial infections like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and DNA damage.

Topical treatments with mineral-based products lower the risk of scar tissue and prevent or reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. Minerals are free radical superhero fighters that protect and prevent skin damage and visible aging from environmental harm.

TIZO is dedicated to creating 100% mineral photoprotection that is highly efficacious, and versatile sunscreen for all skin types and tones, made with raw materials that are “best available”, meaning they are medical grade quality.

TIZO sunscreens are free of all chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, parabens, gluten, phthalates, and preservatives.

New for TIZO is a Mineral Stick SPF 45 tint or non-tint. It is a convenient, perfect anti-aging sunscreen for home or on-the-go touch-ups. Also, poolside or at the beach, no need to reapply for up to 80 minutes after swimming. It is formulated with medical-grade ingredients and added C and E antioxidants. The mineral stick is ideal for all skin types. Protect your skin from sun damage with this broad spectrum dermatologist-tested stick, 100 percent chemical free. The universal tint or non-tint formula will keep your skin protected, moisturized, and radiant all day!

Your skin isn’t the only part of you that benefits from adequate mineral intake. Minerals are the key to your immune system functioning optimally! They are vital to every cell in your body performing at its peak.

A well-balanced diet is rich in minerals! Eat a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, meats, shellfish, nuts, seeds, grains, and dairy. Your body will benefit greatly from macro and trace minerals. Caring for yourself from the inside out is your best way to achieve that healthy, ageless glow!

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