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This unusual product leaves no odor, will not irritate the scalp, dries quickly and leaves a buffer that neutralizes sebum for up to 24 hours. One application per day will prevent normal sebum production from becoming toxic to the hair follicles. When used as directed, Scalp Defense protects the hair follicles until the next day’s treatment make the follicles healthier and allowing hair growth to occur naturally.

A-Cute Derm- Professional Scalp Defense

    • Use immediately after towel drying your hair.
    • Part the hair and apply ¼ ounce to the entire scalp.
    • If an applicator tip was provided, use it to measure the dose.
    • Try not to waste product on the hair during application.
    • DO NOT massage and DO NOT rinse out.
    • Towel dry again, if desired.
  • 8oz

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