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Treatment Plan for Julianna Sturgis


Cleansers I gave you 2 one for morning the Ante Age cleanser
Olive oil cleanser for evening because you said you were very hydrated this will help

Miracle Elixir will also be very beneficial for dry/ dehydrated skin. Alternate with retinol until your skin feels better.

Ante Age serum, accelerator and brightener can be cocktailed together 1 pump of each all over your skin BUT first use the brightening GROWTH FACTORS only where you have brown spots.

Enriched firming mask 2 times per week till all samples are finished.

Lavender hydra mist that should be used after cleansing day and night.

Treatment Plan

Use the brightening Growth Factors and Brightening cream with your LED mask.

Purchased Products

Olive oil cleanser no charge
Ante Age cleanser travel size (no charge)
Vitamin C&E
Miracle Elixir

Last Updated: May 8, 2023

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