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Treatment Plan for Michaela Addison


Your skin is mostly balanced but it is slightly sensitive with pigment and some laxity.

The cleanser should NOT strip your skin at all that is why the OIL or Milk cleanser works best.

HydraFresh is the best skin balancer possible they are high-quality floral waters distilled from freshly picked, optimally harvested organic plants. Rose or Lavender is perfect for your skin type.

Peel, I chose lactic acid because it plumps and hydrates while it will exfoliate and completely refresh your skin. By doing this not only will the dead skin cells slough off but it actually prepares the skin to fully absorb any product.

Peel is to be left on for up to 7 minutes rinse and apply ampoule.

Mask is weekly when using ampoules and monthly when using the peel.

Booster Ampoules should be poured in the STAMPER only half of the ampoule and stamp your whole face and neck area delicately and then apply the mask. Rinse the mask off and use the other half of the ampoule without stamper and then massage custom oil.

Custom Blend Oils can be used 1-2 times per week instead of Retinol or if you are home all day use them instead of VITAMIN C and HA hyaluronic.

Booster Ampoule Types
Anti Aging ( sea buckthorn HA Vitamin C)
Nourish ( vitamin A and E)
Vitamin C ( tones brightening and antioxidant)
Lift ( Matrixyl 3000 vitamin C and HA

Treatment Plan

The treatment plan that I think would be perfect would be 4 facial treatments with microcurrent, gua sha, galvanic, and LED. These facials are always custom-designed around your skin needs.

These will continue to diminish the brown spots along with lifting with the microcurrent, gua sha for sculpting, and the galvanic for infusing vitamins and other extracts.

The LED will penetrate further the products, help with collagen production. These are normally $225 in a package I charge.  $195

Next, I thought to do a neck and decollete treatment with the TCA peel like was done on your face and of course, a facial with it.   $250.

Suggested Products

Honey Almond Scrub     $26                                 

HydraFresh Rose     $24

HydraFresh Lavender     $24                                 

Peel ( Lactic acid )     $45

Hydrating Mask     $40


Anti Aging     $12                                                                

Nourish     $9

Vitamin C     $9                                                              

Lift     $15

Stamper included

Custom blended oil    $95 ( nopal oil) vitamins A E K soothes brightening tones repairs UV damage.

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Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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