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from South Africa

Environ  Youth EssentiA Eye Gel
Nadia Anti-Ageing Aesthetics
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My mission for this unique online beauty boutique is to offer truly advanced

and effective treatment products from around the world. 


Through travel and research, I discover what other cultures are doing to

stay healthy and young. I then source their most beneficial beauty

products, selecting only those products with science behind them.  All

of the products I feature are free from chemicals, fragrances, fillers or preservatives.    


With each new season, I'll post a few of my "finds" that will keep your skin healthy and radiant for that time of year.  Enjoy!


Introducing Environ Youth EssentiA Eye Gel, a moisturizing eye gel contains essential vitamins, antioxidants and specially

selected peptides for use on the delicate and sensitive skin of the eye area.

This revolutionary new product assists in hydrating the skin and minimizing the appearance of ­fine lines, helping skin to look younger for longer. At the same time, Environ's eye skincare gel helps to improve sun damaged skin cells and enhances the effects of the skin’s natural sun protectors, giving skin a radiant glow.

This specially-formulated eye skincare gel contains a synthetic combination of fi­ve natural amino acids, which has the 

advantage of not inducing skin irritations or reactions. It helps hydrate the skin and assists in the improvement of sun-damaged cells. In addition, this moisturizing eye gel helps ‘plump up’ the skin and reduce the appearance of ­fine lines, giving the skin a smoother appearance. It helps reduce the appearance of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated to be effective against their re-development. Vitamin A assists in creating the appearance of smoother and better-hydrated skin, leaving the

skin with a healthy looking glow. Helps improve the appearance of fi­ne lines. Contains Tocopheryl Acetate – a form of vitamin E and an effective antioxidant that enhances the effects of the skin’s natural sun protectors. Assists in protecting collagen and making the skin look younger. 


environ eye gel

from USA

Tizo Photoceutical Age Defying Fusion

For over 30 years, TIZO has dedicated to creating mineral photoprotection that is both highly efficacious & exceptionally elegant, developing formulations and techniques that deliver both exceptional aesthetics and outstanding protection. Tizo formulas utilize highly effective ingredients to maintain skin’s moisture levels by reducing trans-epidermal water loss while

Skin Firm Technology gradually and continuously repairs skin with its time-released system. To make their broad-spectrum sunscreens as accessible as possible to a wide range of skin types, they are formulated with all physical, FDA-approved active sunscreen filters without the use of chemical sunscreens, oils, parabens and other irritants.


tizo foaming cleanser bottle NEW.jpg


Foaming Cleanser



AM Replenish

Lightly Tinted

Mineral Sunscren




Moisturizer Hyaluronic Acid



PM Restore

Retinol Complex

w/ Vitamins C & E



AM Rejuvination w/ Mulit-Peptide





Brightener w/

Hydrocurcumin, Niacinamide & Arbutin


from USA

Reprev  for MOST Sensitive Skin 
Especially Those Going Through CHEMO & RADIATION

The same drugs that kill off cancer cells also affect the growth of skin cells, causing issues that range from burns, cracking tissue, dull, chafing skin, infections, heightened sun-sensitivity, and severe irritation.   The Reprev line by A-Cute Derm by was designed by board-certified dermatologists and a PhD biochemist, all of whom are cancer survivors themselves. These exceptional products are equally effective for healthy skin, sensitive skin, skin with allergies, or other issues.  Products can be purchased from Anti-Ageing Aesthetic, either a la cart or as a kit. They are perfect for use by everyone and make a very thoughtful and beneficial gift for anyone going through cancer treatment. As a bonus, a portion of every product sold is donated to non-profit cancer organizations!


A-Cute Reprev


Save by purchasing  the
Reprev Skincare
Starter Kit for $180
  • 4oz Pro-Tect SPF 20 Sunscreen Lotion $29.50

  • 4oz Body Lotion $10.00

  • 4oz Benecleanse Ultra Gentle Wash $18

  • 2oz Omega Super Serum $60

  • 2.5oz E2 Lipid Crème $35

  • .5 oz Veradex-E Ointment $35

Or purchase products separately at the

prices above.

from INDIA and 
Dry Brushes

Our dry brushes from India and Bangladesh are made with fibers extracted from the trunk of the jute tree, these soft texture brushes make a fabulous daily practice for exfoliating dead skin cells, breaking up cellulite-causing toxins, and promoting skin circulation.  When done regularly, dry brushing can also aid digestion, support muscle tone and assist the lymphatic drainage system, which is an  extremely important for the immune system overall.  Pre-poo with our hair and scalp oil and follow post-shower with our custom-blended body oils below.  Learn more about dry brushing, its benefits and how to achieve the best results via our blog.


sisal body brush

13" Body Brush


sisal back brush

19" Back Brush 


sisal bikini brush

6" Bikini Brush





Body Oil

After dry brushing (or any time), apply this luxurious mixture of argon oil, cranberry seed oil, and jojoba mixed with clary, sage, ylang ylang, carrot seed and a dash of a dose of frankincense to hydrate and soften skin. Our custom-blended body oil also helps with lines, brown spots, scarring, and stretch marks.

Hair & Scalp Oil

Prior to shampooing, “pre-poo” with this custom blend of the purest coconut, avocado, grape seed, and almond oils infused with lavender, rosemary, peppermint, chamomile, and sage for healthy and luxurious locks. Pre-pooing promotes shine, scalp health and works to help lessen hair loss.

custom blended oils
from JAPAN
blinc  Cosmetics

blinc was founded on the idea that none of the world's cosmetic brands had solved the problems associated with mascara: clumping, flaking, smudging, running and ease of removal.  After discovering that all traditional mascaras were oil-based paints, blinc instead introduced their "tube-forming” mascara technology, which means that consumers no longer had to use makeup remover or choose between long wear and ease of removal since blinc delivered both.  They have carried their technology through to eyeliner, which forms a water-resistant layer of color that contours to your eyes. Since blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliners, it doesn't fade, smudge, run or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

blinc long length mascara

long length mascara


blinc eyeliner

ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen


blinc eyeliner pen

liquid eyeliner pen


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