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LIPSMART is a proven and effective solution for all dry lip concerns. This unique formula delivers intense, medical-grade hydration that’s clinically proven to provide visible results in just 60 seconds.


LIPSMART reverses the signs of aging on your lips and relieves dry lip concerns it boosts the LIPS natural regenerative cycle as it did when it was younger.


LIPSMART provides a rapid, visible, and dramatically powerful moisture-restoring effect.


  • Visible Results in 60 Seconds

  • Medical-Grade Hydration

  • Smooths & Brightens

  • Plumps with Moisture

  • Nourishes & Volumizes

  • Diminishes Fine Lines, Cracks & Flaking

  • Helps speed recovery post-procedure


Watch Lipsmart in action



I found this product 4/5 years ago at a Toronto AESTHETIC SHOW and thought it was impressive. Before bringing on board I did my homework to make sure it really worked and superior to the many other lip treatments out there.

It not only passed the test but I was fortunate enough to speak to the doctor who formulated this product...... right here in FLORIDA btw!

She is so caring and stands behind this product like a mom with her child how can I not trust it and SHE actually picked up the phone and had the conversation at length regarding how it was formulated and all of its benefits!

I’m a believer!

LIPSMART Before and After Chart.jpg
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