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Oxygen Facial

can be added onto any facial   $125

Oxygen Facials eliminate toxins and boost cellular turnover! 

Oxygen + very sophisticated ultra concentrated organic ingredients = Fresh super clear, healthy, rejuvenated skin!

So How Does It Work?

Cells in our skin need Oxygen, this is how they reproduce or regenerate.

Oxygen levels are measured in two ways:

1. Left lower arm
2. Forehead-- this is where the capillaries are responsible for supplying o2 to the cells of the facial skin.

During the first ten years of life, there is the same amount of oxygen within these two areas, starting at age twenty the differences become significant. The facial skin has much less o2, moisture is lost and premature Ageing begins.

With our specialized machine, we can introduce cutting edge o2 enriched products and infuse natural o2 deeply into the skin. The cells Revive, Illuminate, and Recharge... revealing fresh healthy youthful refreshed skin cells!

How Ours Is Different...

Along with the 02, we infuse our facials with 100 % herbal products, such as wheatgrass extract sourced from sprouts of wheat, cut and juiced along with vitamins, green tea, aloe Vera and the purest of essential oils and olive oil... all cultivated naturally from the organic gardens of Italy.

Set your appointment today and see you skin quality soar...

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