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A rich lubricant to smooth hair and condition the scalp. Improves, softens and protects dry, brittle, damaged and flyaway hair. A unique formula that will bind to the protein (Polyquaternium-28) within each hair. It is clean-rinsing and only binds to the surface of the hair so that with repeated use it will restore the hair’s structure and split ends, as well as heat, chemical and environmental damage.

A-Cute Derm - Professional Hair Conditioner

    • Use immediately after shampooing.
    • Rinse out all traces of shampoo and leave hair wet.
    • Work in small amounts sufficient to cover from scalp to ends and leave a slippery feel.
    • Do not rub or massage.
    • Leave on for 1 minute and rinse well.
    • For optimum results, comb through and rinse again.
  • 8oz

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