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Our Hair Renewal Kit includes Pro. Scalp Prep, Pro. Restore & Thicken Shampoo, Pro. Scalp Activator, Pro. Scalp Defense & Pro. Conditioner.  As soon as you begin to utilize the A-Cute Derm® Professional Hair Growth System (PHGS) you will notice an immediate improvement n the condition and cleanliness of your scalp and hair. If you are noticing hairs on counter-tops and in the shower drain, the next good sign that the treatment is working will be a reduction of hair fallout. This usually happens within the first two weeks of daily use. As the number of hairs continues to drop, you will also see the number of hairs grow. You will experience hair regrowth in 3 – 6 months. This is not to treat peach fuzz, those will fall out eventually. You will see real hairs, full and thick.

5 piece kit

A-Cute Derm - Professional Hair Renewal Kit

    • A-Cute Derm® Professional Scalp Prep
    • A-Cute Derm® Professional Restore & Thicken Shampoo 
    • A-Cute Derm® Professional Scalp Activator 
    • A-Cute Derm® Professional Scalp Defense
    • A-Cute Derm® Professional Conditioner.
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