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This remarkable innovation in hair care and especially hair loss causes markedly increased blood flow to the scalp. This improves hair and scalp health while carrying away waste products leftover from hair production and daily exposure to environmental pollutants. This may be used twice a per day for maximum benefit. Enhances absorption and oxygenation into the scalp.

A-Cute Derm- Professional Scalp Activator

    • Apply 15 drops of Scalp Activator to thinning areas. Allow to dry.
    • Within 3 – 5 minutes, you should feel a strong tingling sensation.
    • The scalp may begin to turn bright pink as blood rushes to the surface layers of the dermis. This is normal.
    • For best results apply Scalp Defense as soon as you notice increased pink color.
    • You may also use this product at night before bed.
    • This product will not cause hair growth in other areas such as the face or back should the product drip or run.
  • 8oz

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