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The foundation of a good skin care routine begins with a clean canvas. The universally formulated AnteAGE® Cleanser is designed to provide a balanced approach to cleansing, for all skin types. As we are exposed to more environmental pollutants, our skin increasingly becomes hyper-sensitive. This gentle, foaming cleanser, enriched with essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory botanicals and detoxifying actives will thoroughly cleanse all traces of impurities, excess oil and surface debris, while leaving the skin soft, soothed, hydrated and balanced.

AnteAGE Cleanser

    • Sulfate-free cleansing agents remove excess oil without stripping the skin 
    • Soothing botanicals leave the skin feeling calm 
    • Detoxifies the skin of environmental pollutants 
    • Essential Fatty Acids enrich the skins barrier to prevent dehydration 
    • Gently exfoliates surface dead skin cells
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