Why This Brush:

These brushes are handmade by men and women in a city of Sri Lanka with sustainable, biodegradable, and raw materials. About 25 people are employed in their main factory. Most of the women employed are with children and allowed flexible working hours. Work is provided in the factory as well as the flexibility to work from home for women who are unable to come to the factory due to taking care of their sick parents, taking care of their babies, etc. The brush is created with raw ingredients, such as Timber which is non-toxic and locally grown in Sri Lanka. I sell this product to help support these men and women of the world.



  • Dry brushing is successfully used to:
  • remove dead skin cells
  • help eliminate body toxins
  • improve digestion
  • promote skin circulation
  • reduce the appearance of dark spots and cellulite
  • support the lymphatic system


I cannot remember a time when I didn’t dry brush. The first thing I do after finishing my cup of hot lemon water is dry brush. I love to brush all over, it is invigorating and energizing, especially up and down my back, legs, and stomach. You just become alive! I finish with massaging an all-over body oil. The PERFECT start to the day!

How to Use

  • Always use a natural brush
  • Dry brushing is best to be done in the morning (it can be energizing!)
  • Before your morning bath or shower, start dry brushing at the feet and slowly move over the entire body.
  • Always move the brush clockwise, toward the heart, with light pressure.
  • After dry brushing, nourish your skin with natural oils.


Which brush is best for you?
The sisal brush is for normal skin types. -Sisal is a natural fiber extracted from the Agrave sisalana plant. Imported from Kenya, it is grown without fertilizers and pesticides. These fibers are strong, durable, do not absorb moisture easily.

Sisal Dry Brush 13" Cord Handle

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