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Gel Ampoule

For Normal, Dry Mature Skin

* This ampoule helps to support natural regeneration.
* Helps to provide and bind moisture.
* Free of Parabens.
* Not tested on animals.

Key Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Extract), Aquaderm

Home Care - Apply in a circular motion to face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing and allow to absorb. Use immediately after opening. 

How to use – Apply in the evening and, massage into skin until it gets absorbed. Use it as an intense treatment at night for 7 days in a row or once a week at night for 7 weeks in combination.

$50 Home Treatment Size - Box of 7 x 2ml

To purchase or for a skin consultation call, email, or text:
Text 941-877-0753
Phone: 941-927-8485​


How long can an open ampoule be stored for?
Each vial should be used upon one single use. Glass ampoules are airtight containers, filled with the highest quality of key ingredients, producing a very concentrated form of treatment. A higher concentration of products with little or no use of preservatives is possible due to the airtight packaging. Free of oxygen, it eliminates oxygenation, contamination, and pollutant.

How to open an ampoule?
A white ring can be found in the neck of the ampoule, which is the breaking point. Make sure you’re holding the ampoule upright, if there is liquid above the neck gently tap with your finger to get all the liquid to the bottom part of the ampoule. Hold the ampoule with both hands, hold the bottom of the ampoule firmly. Next protect your hands from broken glass by using a tissue, gauze, or towel when opening the ampoule, place this around the neck of the ampoule with one thumb against it, away from you, and with light, even pressure snap it open. The ampoule is ready to be used.

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