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Hyaluronic HA

Any product I choose to sell is always based on scientific results, usually made with dermatologists at the helm with the science based facts showing proven results. With that said Hyaluronic is one of those products.


HA has been scientifically proven to be safe , effective works on scars and wound healing. This wonderful product is naturally in our bodies but decreases with age. How do you know? Loss of volume elasticity and hydration.

How it works?

It takes moisture from the environment and puts it into your skin.

Hyaluronic is also used in fillers injected by medical professionals and has always been very safe.

Buyer beware not all hyaluronic products are created equal HA must be a HIGH molecular weight in order to be at it finest and of course this one is.


2 oz -    $105

1 oz -    $75

0.5 oz - $37.50


Queen Anne's Lace

This beautiful name for an oil has the most AntiAgeing properties than any other oil this CO2 extracted oil is full of Vitamin E A and carotenes, a-little goes a long way. Works on irritated and inflamed skins making perfect for most skin sensitivities. 

It’s high antioxidant content reverses skin damage caused by UV radiation and builds new skin cells. This is truly a must have for real skin transforming results.

Key uses
Anti aging
Itchy, inflamed irritated 
Dry skins
Skins damaged by the sun.

Nadia Notes 
I have nothing to say except buy it NOW ! You will love this SUPER Oil!

Price: 1oz - $47


Queen Anne's Lace-1oz_edited.jpg
Green Tea-1oz_edited.jpg

Green Tea Oil

Green Tea Oil  soothes the skin  and is perfect for combination or balanced skin with a tendency to get oily. These particular skin types are usually dehydrated and need some oil to bring the skin back to its natural balance.


This is a perfect oil for preventative skin care. It will heal and repair damaged skin such as irritated skins including rashes and eczema.

Key Benefits

  • Rebalances oily skin

  • Anti aging

  • Promotes collagen

  • Retains elasticity

  • Reduces wrinkles fine lines

  • Inflammation



Palmitic Acid  fatty acid acts as an emollient retains water

Stearic Acid moisturizing and anti inflammatory properties

Oleic Acid anti inflammatory calms balances skin

Linoleic Acid or vitamin F provides moisture and plumpness without weighing down the skin


Rich in natural tocopherols antioxidants and polyphenols protects skin from UV radiation and promotes skin cell growth.


How to Use?

Before bed on meticulously cleaned skin a few drops all over.


Nadia’s Notes

All I can say about this oil is that it covers it all when it comes to  ingredients, just the anti oxidants  and all of the 4 acids protect the skin barrier like no other ingredients out there, when the skin barrier is broken down so many skin issues occur. The skin barrier acts for the skin is like the stomach's microbiome when that is off all sorts of health issues begin. Ditto for skin barrier if that’s off all sorts of skin issues arise.


This is the best choice for sensitive and combination skin types.

Size 1oz

Price 95.00

Gooseberry hair/scalp Oil
Gooseberry hair oil is the perfect product nourish the scalp because of its medicinal benefits. This very much neglected area gets a build up of dry excess skin due to hair products and not stimulating this area properly.

Massaging and moisturizing the scalp promotes circulation and blood flow crucial for hair health, such as shiny hair, and hair growth.

Key benefits :
Nourishes the scalp
Conditions hair
Soothes the scalp (relieves itchiness or irritation)
Promotes hair growth.
Conditions dry/brittle hair

How to Use:
Exceptional conditioning to hair / scalp when used as a hot oil treatment.
Perfect add on to your shampoo or conditioner ( a drop or two to either or both)
Ethically crafted pesticide free will show amazing results when used regularly and especially with a scalp massager.

Scalp massager free

Price: 2oz - $57

Gooseberry Oil-2oz_edited.jpg


Hydra Fresh is sustainably produced therefore it is in its purest form bringing benefits to the skin comparable to no other. When sprayed to any part of the body the changes will be felt fore the super nay ingredients will bring BALANCE back to your skin.No infusions, essential oils or water are added to these hydrating mists.

Key benefits :

Healthy, dewy complexion

How to Use:

This floral water is distilled from freshly picked organic plants with one ingredient, aloe. Apply day and night on freshly cleansed skin. It can also be used throughout the day, especially during a workout.

Options: Lavender, Rose, Rose Sensitive, Chamomile, Aloe, Tea Tree, Geranium.


2.5 oz - $15

4 oz - $24

Hydra Fresh-Group.jpg

To purchase or for a skin consultation call, email, or text:
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