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Treatment Plan for Alyssa Miller


Morning routine:
On perfectly dry skin use your vitamin C&E

Treatment Plan

Your first treatment was a deep cleansing with galvanic current and Oxygeneo a pumice type microdermabrasion, with lymphatic drainage and an enzyme mask.

I would like to do another similar treatment but add a cool peel with the same type of micro dermabrasion.

Purchased Products

Vitamin C&E

Suggested Products

Ante Age scrubs really gentle 40.00
Environ vitamin A 1  128.00
with Defense Cream 116.00  these two products work together,

This pure Vitamin A line is a step up system, you begin with 1 all the way to 5 and the Vitamin A gets stronger each time.
The ingredients are unbelievable everything the skin could possibly need
Vitamin A peptides, B5, rosemary leaf, green tea extract C & E, B12.
The doctor who created this line is the micro needlling pioneer.

Last Updated: June 10, 2023

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