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Treatment Plan for Barbara Rogalski


I did a cleansing treatment with extraction. Organic gel mask. What I found was sun damage and broken capillaries on cheeks and chin. Your skin is a denydrated.

Treatment Plan

We spoke about treatment’s every three to four months. They would consist of deep cleansing, LED, PEELS and oxygen. I also have a buffing treatment that would be great for exfoliating the skin instead of microdermabrasion.

Recommended Products

We spoke about :
Hyaluronic this is a gel that brings water to your skin, there are 3 sizes ,
1/2 oz 37.50
1oz 75.00
2 oz 105.00
Retinol 1oz 65.00 this is in a lotion form and there will be no irration
Vitamin C & E  1oz.125.00 wonder daily antioxidant which will benefit pigment.

We also spoke about the LED mask great for daily use on it's own or in conjunction with the products.

Last Updated: November 12, 2022

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