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Treatment Plan for Cathy Mott


I used the peels today on your facial along with the galvanic current to super hydrate your skin.

Followed with a medicated soothing mask with LED lights.

I did a dermaplane which removed all the peach fuzz and also further exfoliates the skin Finished with PRX the new glow treatment at the very end, you already did 4 of these before you left. Brow tint included.

Treatment Plan

Spray your skin with hydra mist day and night and throughout the day but especially after cleansing.
Lucent pad
Use the vitamin C day only
Epionce serum  day
Intensive nourishing cream day

When home and not going anywhere use the oil only

Olive oil cleanser
Hydra mist
Brightening pad
Use oil as needed for extra moisture.

Purchased Products

Olive oil cleanser

Intense serum

Nourishing cream

Brightening pad

Suggested Products

Alternate when not in Colorado with your” ante age 1 and 2 “you may still want to apply the intensive nourishing cream over top of 1 and 2 but you do not need the serum too.

Night cleanse hydra mist retinol and add oil as needed.

Last Updated: December 01, 2022

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