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Treatment Plan for Cindy Ayers



Wash with tepid warm water

Lavender/Rose HydraFresh after washing your face


HA hyaluronic first thing after HydraFresh

Next , Face Nourisher or Intensive Nourishing Cr.

Eye/Throat cream. around throat, neck, and chest. Or Youth Essential Eye gel which goes around the eyes only. ( this is a great eye cream with retinol) it can be used alternatively with your other eye creams.Sunscreen



(Olive oil or Milky lotion cleanser), micro scrubs or

honey/almond scrub weekly) after cleanser.

Retinal alternating with custom-blended oil.

Eye Cream ( Youth Essential eye cream is perfect for night along with your Retinol face product)


Dry brush daily and then apply body oil.

Use the scrubs weekly and apply custom-blended oil
HydraFresh can be used in many ways, after you apply makeup or anytime you need hydration throughout the day.

When you are home all day use the custom-blended oil only.


MicroNeedling after care kit use only after this treatment until it is finished.

Day of micro needling treatment either leave everything on your skin till the next morning or wash with cleanser in kit and use Aqua Phor .


Morning wash again with cleanser in kit ROLL the stem cells next Serum 1 Accelerator 2




Use Cleanser ROLL stem cells Serum 1 Accelerator 2


Following morning wash with water only.


ROLL stem cells then Serum 1 Accelerator 2



Night repeat with cleanser stem cells serum 1 accelerator 2

Day tepid water ROLL stem cells, serum 1 accelerator 2 sunscreen

Until products are finished then go back to you regular regimen.


Face Nourisher or Intensive Nourishing Cream
Youth Essential Eye Gel
BeSpoke HydraFresh Lavender/Rose   
BeSpoke Super C
BeSpoke HA 1oz   
Lip Treatment
Micro Scrub
BeSpoke Honey/Almond Scrub
Bespoke Custom blended oil    
BeSpoke Retinol

Aftercare Microneedling
Ante-Age Kit

Last Updated: April 25, 2021

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