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Treatment Plan for Michelle Ungaro


Mainly extractions and cleaning the skin.

It also included high frequency, lymphatic drainage, cool peel 2.5 lactic acid

Custom blended oil (Optunia) for hyperpigmentation and dehydration.

Organic aloe mask to complete the treatment. 

Treatment Plan

Next facial focus still on extraction, hydration and may include peel with micro dermabrasion for more exfoliation which will help with concerns about fine line on cheeks and lifting. 


Would like to do some micro current treatments with infusion also galvanic with infusion for lifting hydration and to get a plump healthy glow to your skin.

Micro needling with stem cells LED and O2 facials for the future.


Next appointment  August 20 at 1:00. 


Uses PCA -  I would like to know exactly what the daily regimen consists of. 

Recommended Products


Hydra Mist Rose, Lavender or Chamomile 

EPIONCE firming mask.


Talked about collagen powder to add to the vitamin daily intake and muscle strength and restore formula. 
Vitamin A and Copper both beneficial for skin. 

Last Updated: July 09, 2022

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