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Treatment Plan for Robyn Yull


The most important thing to do for your skin is to keep the skin barrier protected and to keep it hydrated. The skin barrier is the most important part of your skin because it keeps everything that is going on underneath working properly, ie COLLAGEN.


The cleaners you have seem fine especially if you like the feel and that it is removing your makeup thoroughly. For your skin type it is VERY important for you to not over strip your skin, so clean it while still keeping the moisture.


You should cleanse your skin only at night with any cleanser, morning just use water. When you play sports ie: tennis you should cleanse your skin again and because you are so active you would be cleaning your skin twice a day on some days.


Here is where you absolutely need to make sure that your are moisturizing well, this is when you should use the oil . The custom blended oil or if you have the time use a booster ampoule ( first half of it) then apply the mask. ( you don’t have any ampoules)

Remove the mask spray with HydaFresh and apply the other half of the ampoule and use the Hylauronic, AM Replenish can go over the Hyaluronic.


Scrubs are ok for your skin type but not too much scrubbing for sure 1 time a month BUT when you play a lot of tennis use the scrub just on the TZONE ( forehead, nose,

chin). Maybe 1 time a week when playing a lot of sports.


Elta sunscreen everyday and keep reapplying when playing any sport.


The RETINOL you are using is more for oil acneic skin it is not really for your skin type.

In the past you have used one from me and it is a LOTION which goes on creamy also less expensive 65.00. If not get a prescription retinol from the dermatologist, where

YOU have to go to the drugstore to pick up.


Eye cream should be used day/ night I would love for you to get the NEW Tizo eye cream with sunscreen or when you play tennis and the sunscreen lip Treatment.


Vitamin C/E morning only right after washing your face and then use the HYDRAFRESH wait a minute or so then apply C/E then hyaluronic and if your are putting on make up this is where the SMASH BOX PRIMER should go on. BUT if you are not using a foundation you don’t need it.

I would rather you get my TIZO sunscreen primer for every day and for evenings going out use the SMASH BOX with makeup because that is what it is actually for.


Custom blended oil Kum oil with the essential oil can be used all the time.


Meaning when you are home all day just use that, before bed alternate with your RETINOL, also instead of the AM REPLENISH use the oil as a moisturizer. This is to help restore and replenish your skin barrier.

Treatment Plan

Robyn as we discussed your next treatment will be a MicroNeedling I will be needling vitamins A/C  into your skin. A week to 10 days later I would like to see you for a Mesotherapy hydration treatment and before you leave for the summer a sculpting gua sha facial.


As we discussed two more micro-needling with the follow-up facials in between when you come will have caught you up with all of your treatments.

Purchased Products

Tizo AM Replenish     $45

Mask Sample

Shea Butter

Micro Scrub

Hydro boost cleansing gel and skin therapy cleansing oil 2 cleansers

Revision retinol complete 1 oz

BeSpoke HydraFresh Rose     $24

BeSpoke HydraFresh Lavender     $24

BeSpoke HA 1oz     $75

BeSpoke Vitamin C/E 

Bespoke Custom blended oil     $95
Nourishing Eye Cream

Smash box primer oil

Kum oil with helichrysum oil


Vitamin A  Ceramides now on.

Suggested Products


Anti-aging Advanced    $10

Collagen Lift    $10

Epionce Mask    $40

Shea Butterblend (sample)

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Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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