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Treatment Plan for Terri Runo


The focus for your treatment will be as such:
Focus on skin barrier
Hydration/ collagen production
Orbital muscles around eye area

Treatment Plan

4 micro needling BOGO
Skin treatments in between similar to what we’ve done but with greater intensity each time.
It's been a while since your last facial so I would like to start with that and to prepare it for your first microneedling.
Then after your first needling we will keep the same procedure one facial 2 weeks to 10 days before your needing treatment's.
With this protocol you will receive the most benefit and skin altering results.

micro needling 1650.00

Facial 3 for 450.00

1 @ 195.00

In addition to the products you may want to purchase.

Products Used

Please send me what you are already using and really like to use. All of the above suggested products we can discuss in order for you to understand their benefits.

The cleansers are different types of cleanser in particular the OLIVE OIL cl. Removes make up and nourishes the skin best for before bed.

Can be used by day but not everyone likes the slight oil feel therefore one of the others may be preferable.

Hydra mist is used like a toner day/ night, throughout the day after the gym and sets make up. It’s fresh and very hydrating that comes in lavender, rose, aloe vera mandarn chamomile
Environ products are essentials and so is the oil.
Eye cr. You may have something you already like to use,
A chart will be set up for you in how and when to use all of your products.

Recommended Products

In order to maintain these results home care is essential. I take great pride in what I bring into the clinic and the products are backed by science. The developers of all the skincare sold are cosmetic scientist and approved by dermatologists and plastic surgeons,
With all that said I would like to recommend products that I know would benefit your treatment’s. These can be added to your package and part of your payment plan.
Olive oil cleanser 48.00 small size 24.00
Ante Age cleanser 32.00
Hydra mist 24.00
Envron C Quence 2 132.00
Anti defence creme that goes with the c quence 116.00
Miracle Elixer 85.00
Eye creme 3 types
Environ eye cr.with retinol 100.00
Epionce 74.00
Tizo eye renewal with spf 41.00

Last Updated: June 05, 2023

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