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Treatment Plan for Tom Stazak


Use cleanser in the morning only if you really feel like you need to clean your skin. Evening before bed should be sufficient you don't want to over strip the natural oils in your skin. I don’t think you should use an actual toner again because of the natural oils, I prefer natural essential oil waters. I carry ROSE LAVENDER ALOE VERA CHAMOMILE you can use these all day and right before you moisturize. Super hydrating. Natural organic oils would also benefit your skin which can be blended in with your sunscreen for extra nourishment.

Treatment Plan

Your next facial I will add a cool peel with your micro dermabrasion and I will also hydrate with a vitamin infused vial using my galvanic current I may even use the micro current to infuse the vial. I would like to use the salmon dna and gently needle it into your skin different from micro needling. This is just a way of getting products deeper into your skin and this is done at the very end of your treatment.


Vitamin C&E

Retinol lotion

Recommended Products


Growth factors

Miracle Elixer oil.

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

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