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Treatment Plan for Mary Levi


Gentle Cleanser evening daily

Alternate between oil/HA and oil/Retinol daily.  For example, use oil morning, then retinol at night and the next day HA morning and oil at night. 

Oil sample all over chest neck face and also a little around the eyes. Use also after you rinse the mask and peel off. 



Hydrafresh is the best steam distilled essential oils made into a WATER for your skin. This can be used right after cleansing day and night sets makeup and great when working out. 

Retin Oil is good for nighttime use. 

Skin very rashy from detox.

Professional Treatments

Facial microdermabrasion

Gus Sha massage

Lymphatic drainage

Bentonite mask


HydraFresh Lavender 4oz $24
Honey Almond scrub 26
HA 2oz 105 1oz 75 0.5 37.50
Retin oil - nighttime only 1oz 19.55 0.5 9.99 2oz 39
Retinol 1oz 65
Vitamin C with niacinamide 2oz $111

To purchase items you can either use the form below and Nadia will use your CC on file or you can order directly via Paypal. Click on the buy button and it will add it to your Paypal cart. 

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Last Updated: March 19, 2021

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