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A-Cute Derm

Skin Care in its purest form...

A-cute derm is a skin care line that I confidently recommend for clients with certain skin sensitivities due to its efficacy in treating skin that is very sensitive and fragile. Their commitment to only using the most potent and purest ingredients available on the market offers a quality that these particular skin types can trust.

A-Cute Derm is a company that was started in the year 1987 by board certified dermatologist Dr.Eva Kronberg who has worked with many cancer patients. Skin care for this type of skin was non existent which drove the company to fill this very important void.

A-Cute Derm prides itself in offering high-quality pharmaceutical-grade skincare products made from pure and undiluted ingredients, with no fillers or additives. Their products are especially beneficial to anyone suffering from skin sensitivities, psoriasis, eczema, or any type of allergy. All of A-Cute Derm’s products are designed to treat skin that is very fragile and delicate which include cancer patients. Therefore the purity and the highest standard for ingredients could not be compromised in any way in order for there to be no side effects, irritations, or inflammatory responses.


These medical-grade skincare products took 34 years to develop and thanks to their patented formula that has been thoroughly tested in clinical trials, A-Cute Derm follows the highest standard in the cosmetics industry.

Unlike drugstore products which are minimally effective, contain many filler ingredients, and are only made from 70% pure ingredients, A-Cute Derm products are produced from ingredients with 99% purity! Many cosmetic-grade products available today within the industry are not held to that same standard. A-Cute Derm products contain potent substances proven to stop signs of aging and regenerate the skin.

Latest addition to this specialty line are their superior quality HAIR Products.

The focus ocus for this hair line is to exfoliate the scalp with scalp cleansing products a professional deep cleaning shampoo, hair conditioner which also nourishes the scalp. Especially for brittle, dry hair they have a thickening and restorative shampoo along with other specialty shampoos for dandruff, and itchy dry scalp.

This pharmaceutical hair line made with the same level of care as the skin line will undoubtedly restore the health of your scalp and the shine and fullness of your hair.

Think of this as a hair and scalp detox to be done either once or twice a year or even all year round a MUST TRY!

As most of us know you don’t have to go through cancer to notice hair loss or dry ,brittle , fragile hair.

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