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Why Epionce?

Founder of Epionce skin Dr. Thornfeldt made it imperative that Epionce skincare products are backed by clinical studies, similar to those that any physician would expect to see.

He made sure that this skincare line was not just theory but proven that it actually works, through rigorous clinical testing.

This is why I believe in and carry this line, Dr. Thornfeldt having skin problems himself made sure that this was not just another skincare line, he is all about protecting the skin barrier and making it the go-to line for Rosacea, Excema, Psoriasis, and dry skin types with sensitivities.

Sensitive skin is the focus of EPIONCE.

RENEWAL FACIAL CREAM-paired with LYTIC Tx is the first nonprescription product to take on retinoids., with this combo, you get the same anti-aging results without irritation.

Of course, it is paraben, fragrance, sulfate, gluten-free without any harsh ingredients. This award-winning line works well with any skincare line and or when your skin just needs a change.

FREE SKIN CONSULTATION anytime and always free samples!

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