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Just a little deep cleaning.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I’m still alive... l am sure like most of you I have news fatigue along with being OVER IT with all else going on in the media, but at least we are here in beautiful Sarasota where things are really not all that bad. As for my business, my everyday practices have always been Covid19 compliant.

  • All of my equipment is always cleaned and sanitized after every client.

  • No one ever touches anything I use but for myself.

  • I have always worn gloves.

  • All garments and headbands etc, are disposable like everything else I use in my treatments.

  • What I have changed is before anyone walks in I offer hospital-grade wipes and I will wear a mask.


With our homes have gone through the DEEP CLEAN now is the time for a deep cleanse facial.

This relaxing tranquility-oriented treatment will deep clean your skin along with adding..

Gua Sha face massage... what is gua sha you say?

Gua Sha Facial Massage

This ancient method of treating ailments also greatly benefit s the skin for blood circulation and muscle toning along with my custom-blended oils for your skin type.

Your skin will truly feel like never before. Toned tight refreshed.

Included Facial exfoliation peel/ microdermabrasion extraction of black/ white/heads.


Let's start to get back to normal by taking care of YOU!

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