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Skin Barrier Importance

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The skin barrier is the most important aspect of healthy skin. When your skin barrier is damaged signs of redness or inflammation, dehydration, itchiness, flakiness or acne flare-ups, and sensitivity occur.

The skin barrier is the body's first line of repair defense against impurities. It keeps the skin from losing too much water loss and keeps unhealthy external substances from getting into the deeper layers of the skin causing inflammation and irritation.

As we age the skin barrier breaks down and skin becomes:


Collagen decreases

Skin laxity

Line/ wrinkles

Skin disease

Specialty products are required for especially sensitive, skins with Rosacea, Eczema, Hyperpigmentation, and Psoriasis. Ceramides, Hyaluronic, Prebiotics, and Probiotics address these issues by healing the skin barrier.

A balanced diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables along with supplements with a proper sunscreen will keep these skin sensitivities to a minimum and will relieve and diminish these skin irritations.

Healthy Fruits and Supplements

What is Eczema?


Atopic dermatitis is a disease known to be an itch that rashes. Itching can be triggered by the penetration of irritants and allergenic chemicals such as fragrances, preservatives, pollutants, exfoliating or harsh cleansers, and skincare products. People with eczema are also at great risk for developing allergies to pollens and pollutants as well as infections.

What is Hyperpigmentation?


Hyperpigmentation is the accumulation of irregular melanin in the skin These irritants cause inflammation in the skin barrier, leading to an aggravation of hyperpigmentation, especially during times of increased stress and uncertainty. A compromised skin barrier plays a significant role in allowing penetration of pollutants as well as irritants, allergens, and UVL along with emotional and physical stress leading to an increase in inflammation - all driving the irregular melanin synthesis.

What is Rosacea?


Rosacea is an inflammatory disease that causes excessive redness to the skin. The skin flares up due to increased stress levels alongside a poor diet. During times of COVID-19, I am seeing an increase of people stirring away from a healthy diet and straying to comfort foods, increased alcohol consumption, and of course, increased stress. Remember that all things begin with the gut! Your diet is just as if not MORE important than maintaining a routine skin regimen.

What is Maskne?


In a world where wearing masks in the new normal, some are suffering greatly from “maskne.” Maskne is an easy way to describe any irritation on the skin caused by wearing a mask due to the enclosed area against our skin, causing a microenvironment of warm moisture. This dilates our pores, disrupts the oil and sweat glands, and allows bacteria to thrive and build upon the skin.

Examples of conditions include:

• Folliculitis

• Rosacea

• Acne

• Seborrheic or atopic dermatitis

• Chafing irritation

• Heat rash

Note to my clients: Although you may be suffering from maskne, please remember that it is just as important to take care of your skin as it is to wear your mask. There are measures we can take to heal and prevent skin irritation. Let’s all remain safe and healthy by doing our part!

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